Fox's Two Rivers Event 2016

Report from Sarah Jane Cook


Saturday 9th July

Well, another fine day on the water for this event - once again, it didn't rain on the crews of the 16 boats taking part, a few not handing in their entry until the Handicapping Committee (thank you, Jonathan) was meeting on Friday afternoon. We had our work cut out, what with boats ranging from a Newbridge Navigator, Halcyon 27 and Superseal 26  to out and out racing machines such as a West Solent OD, X332 and Mount Gay 30 and lots of cruising boats in between.

There were the regulars, some welcome returnees and newbies who hopefully will be back next year now they've enjoyed themselves messing about on the rivers Orwell and Stour and learnt the ropes. For the first time, we attracted three boats from Royal Harwich Yacht Club and one from the Royal Naval Sailing Association. More next year please.

The forecast was for a strong SW breeze, so the Haven Ports Yacht Club stop was omitted from the course before the start with the OOD's sensible hat on (the Committee Boat flying Signal Flag Zulu and the requisite abbreviations for the included stops). Despite this, several participants did visit but it lost them time being a long row and run.

This was not the only instance of the inability to read the sailing instructions, etc - from the Committee Boat, the OOD noticed one or two rule infringements: such as using the pilot boat pound; Shotley Horse passing (there's enough water over the spit now, perhaps?); and some methods of towing the dinghy didn't look quite as they should have done! No participants protested (with real intent or money) so OOD not particularlyish concerned. But watch it, one of you was warned last year (you know who you are) and the OOD has been known to apply a 10 minute penalty, especially when witnessed by OOD!

The Committee Boat, Avocet, was very hospitable - bacon butties and rum in the coffee. David has said he enjoyed it and would be happy to be asked again, although Jess (terrier) wasn't too keen on the flags and hooter. David already has next year's date - 15th July, 2017!

After all the fun on the water, there was fun ashore with the hog roast, pimms bar and party from which, a little bird told me, the last departed around 0200, and I understand that quite a few took advantage of the FMYC brilliant breakfasts in the morning.

There were the usual tales of derring-do on the water, and very little time between groups of boats finishing. In fact, only 5 minutes between 1st and 4th, and around 20 seconds between 2nd & 3rd place.

All finishers were presented with an engraved glass for their efforts, with extra prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd: Trophy, more glassware, jackets from Jeckells Sails, caps from Dolphin Sails and vouchers from Fox's Chandlery and JJ found free berths in the marina for all the visiting participants.


1st       Apex                Robert Leggett                        HPYC

2nd      Wildwood        Simon Whitehouse                  FMYC

3rd       Habebty           Peter Scown                            FMYC


followed by (not in any particular order, just the way their entry forms were filed):


Shark Hunter               Jim Douglass                           FMYC

Troubador                   Olle Nash                                FMYC

Jacqui-B                       Gale Bryan                              RNSA

Honeyseal                   Helena & Rupert Negus          RHYC

Cosmos Cloud             Andy Wade                              FMYC

Fiddler                         Ed Swift                                  

Olivia Anne VI             Jan Thirkettle                          FMYC

Banzai                         Russell Cockman                     HPYC

Escapade                     Graham Pearce                       FMYC

Tootsie II                     Hadleigh Pye                          

Time Off II                   Will & George Finch               RHYC

Halloween                   Adrian Mulville                       FMYC




Keld                             Mark Benbow                         RHYC   (but "still having fun")


OOD's Special Prizes (these are presented to individuals for outstanding summat or other):



Cooney RM, their rower, went for a swim but rolled back in to the dinghy and carried on.


Mad John for being in a planing dinghy.

Olivia Anne

Will, running at Shotley went to the wrong place and gatecrashed a wedding reception. Happily, the mother of the bride pointed him in the right direction.

Cosmos Cloud

Adam forgot about the dog leg on Pin Mill hard - and stepped off, straight up to his armpits.


Mark, unanimous decision that their retirement was because of rower malfunction, forget the fact that the rowlocks broke.

Shark Hunter

Jim and Sarah, for their wonderful virtual tour of the stopping places.


Will. With only two on board, Will did all the rowing, running and collecting tokens (!). He had a very tiring day.

Time Off II

All of them. Last year, they lost oar after oar and never retrieved them. This year, they lost an oar - but did actually retrieve it. They must be learning.


This event could not take place without the enormous effort and time put in by FMYC Committee and members, our Club caterers, nor our sponsors' contributions and we thank them all:

Dolphin Sails

Jeckells Sails

Fox's Marina

Fox's Marine & Outdoor (chandlery)

Haven Refrigeration

Shearwater Sailing

Royal Naval Sailing Association

Highfield Strand Associates Ltd


Sestina Services Gas and Propane

Alwyn Nash


 And, a date for your diary: Fox's Two Rivers 2017 - 15th July - look forward to seeing you



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